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Onze collega Jim heeft een bericht geschreven op de facebook pagina van Donald J Trump.

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Donald J. Trump


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Jim Mollet

Dear mister President elect,

As a colleague politician on a different local level I congratulate You with an outstanding victory on the old establishment you realized this Tuesday

There will expectations of a brighter future for all the frustrated people living in poor conditions in your fine country and your victory means also hope for all over the whole world who were considered not important for the old school politicians who just talk and do not listen.

I see and hear this every day in my own town called Koggenland for many years now.

It has been a harsh fight for You to achieve this splendid result and during this campaign You had to react on all mud the opponent threw in Your direction.

I understand that in order to fight this You had to tell some white lies and probably express some statements that could be felt as discrminatory but in the few days after the Victory you did all the right moves to correct this and we trust You to go further in this way, thus proving to be able reuniting the people of America.

We will be close watching this with hope and trust and in the mean time we will be trying to keep being a pain in the ass for the old school politicians in our district.

Dear mr. President if You are in Holland please come to us so that we can show You our beautifull villages and we will be giving You a pair of special for You made wooden shoes with the American flag.

We have a spare room so You can stay overnight, no charge

Hope to see You soon and wishing You all the best in completing Your difficult task

Yours sincerly

Jim Mollet Oudendijk


Jim Mollet